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5 key tasks for Editing Audio for Video in Soundbooth – tutorial

This article outlines some of the key tasksfor editing audio in Soundbooth. In the words of the author (Jan Ozer):

In this tutorial, I’ll provide an overview of Soundbooth’s interface and then focus on how to accomplish common tasks like normalization, noise removal, and audio compression.

This article provides a solid and useful overview of various features such as the Record dialog, about removing random and consistent noises from a track, adjusting volume, and applying compression. If you’re unclear whether Soundbooth is for you, this article gives you a good idea of what the various features do, what they’re called, and what they look like. I believe it will give you a better understanding of what you can use the tools for, and if it’s enough to accomplish what you need to do with your audio files. It’s not exactly a tutorial, but it is a helpful overview article, and great if you’re new to Soundbooth (or say, got it in the Production suite and haven’t really used it yet).

You can find the article here on the Event DV website:

And hey, while I’m at it blogreaders – know of any good Soundbooth tutorials?

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